12 Specific Times I’ve Fallen in Love with You

Because it’s more than just once.

  1. When we first started dating and you said you couldn’t help but stare at me when I was interacting with my nephews and you thought about how great I would be as a mom.
  2. When you went out of your way to bring me aspirin when I mentioned I had a headache.
  3. And then again when you exchanged the Ibuprofen I’m allergic to for Tylenol which I can take.
  4. When you said that the best compliment I’ve ever given you was that I think you’ll make a great dad someday.
  5. When you said that whenever you get mad at me, you just want to be done already so we don’t have to fight. Trust me, I don’t want to fight either but sometimes that’s just going to happen. We’re both pretty stubborn.
  6. When you get mad for me when I complain about things. It shows me just how much you care about my happiness.
  7. When I told you I was hungry at 2AM because I didn’t eat enough of my dinner and you made me pancakes and bacon.
  8. When you started holding my hand in the car when I least expected it and you told me it was just because.
  9. When you were driving me home and noticed I was being quiet, so you asked me what was wrong and I said I wasn’t ready for our day to end. So you changed plans and hung out with me for the rest of the day.
  10. Whenever you sit patiently with me just waiting for me to open up. You know that I need to, and that I want to but that after all this time, I’m still scared to.
  11. When you told me you read my blog post three times.
  12. When I asked you if you took me seriously as a writer and you said that is the only thing you can picture me doing in the future.

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