30 Things My Big Sister Taught Me Before Turning 30

Today my sister is turning 30! When our oldest sister turned the big 3-0 I wrote 30 Things My Big Sister Taught Me Before Turning 30 on my last blog. Well it turns out, both my sisters have wisdom to spare, so here are 30 things my second oldest sister taught me before turning 30! Love you Sis!

  1. Don’t cut your own bangs.
  2. Don’t let your sister cut your bangs.
  3. If you scream enough about taking your cough medicine, she will dump it for you and lie to mom about it.
  4. If your big sister hits you enough, eventually mom and dad will start to believe that’s what happened any time you scream.
  5. How to discreetly feed the dog under the table.
  6. Middle school is awful.
  7. How to make a fireball out of hairspray and matches.
  8. Don’t mix a bunch of random chemicals in your room.
  9. Don’t stuff your closet so full that it explodes on you in the middle of the night.
  10. There is nothing wrong with going back to bed after breakfast.
  11. If you ditch school, get home before mom and dad and delete the school’s number from caller ID, and the voicemail.
  12. Keep your movies, jewelry, and clothes hidden from sister thieves.
  13. Make friends with at least one teacher in high school.
  14. Sometimes you just need to take a drive.
  15. Music works wonders for your emotions.
  16. If you burn sauce, use some sugar to make it taste better.
  17. Know the amount of drinks you can have before losing your filter.
  18. Don’t worry about your neighbors or your pets’ opinions while you’re singing karaoke.
  19. Stand up for the little guy.
  20. Standing your ground may hurt those around you.
  21. Life doesn’t always go as planned.
  22. Sometimes, when plans fall through, your heart will break in ways you never expected.
  23. It’s okay to show your weakness sometimes.
  24. Stand up when you fall.
  25. You are stronger than you think.
  26. Forgive those who hurt you.
  27. Though our relationship has taken some hits, and has been bruised before, we always find a way to heal it.
  28. People are more proud of you than you believe.
  29. Although you still fight and get on each other’s nerves, your sister becomes more of a friend the older you get.
  30. Your sister will always, always be there for you. No matter what time it is, no matter how old either of you get, no matter what the reason, she will always be there for you.




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