Thoughts before Bed: Worrying 

I’ve always been a worrier. So much so that when I was little my mom had to but me a worry doll that I would tell all my worries to before bed so that I could finally go to sleep. Well tonight, my readers are my worry dolls. Tonight I can’t seem to fall asleep because I’m up worrying about:

  • Failing 
  • Money 
  • Work/career path 
  • Family 
  • My cat that is not helping me fall asleep by any means 
  • Being braver. 

This list is not all inclusive, but it’s a start. Thanks for listening my little worry dolls. Get some sleep. 


4 thoughts on “Thoughts before Bed: Worrying 

  1. Kaitlin says:

    I started out worrying as a child as well. The only pieces of advice my mom gave me were “don’t worry so much. You’re going to give yourself and ulcer.” Then I just worried about getting an ulcer 😂. If I was worrying about dying she would say, “Kaitlin, the Lord knows when you’re going to die, so if you stay inside being scared of everything he could make the fan fall on you because you can’t escape death.”
    I feel like the worry doll is definitely a better option 😉 😂


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