Mood Boosters

Recently my moods at work haven’t been great. So today, I put on my Frank Sinatra Pandora station and instantly, I smiled. (Unless “In the Wee Small Hours” comes on, and then it rips my heart right out!) It was such a simple smile, that I knew I could come up with some more. So I created a list to refer to on particularly bad days. These are some effortless ways to make me smile.

  1. Baby laughs. I cannot help but at least crack a smile at a big, baby, belly laugh!
  2. Frank Sinatra (or Michael Buble, Nate King Cole, etc.)
  3. New shoes (not always effortless, but always does the trick!)
  4. Putting on pink, fuzzy slippers after a long day of stilettos.
  5. Scented candles
  6. Disney movies and their soundtracks.
  7. Fuzzy blankets.
  8. Starbucks.
  9. Put together outfits.

So maybe I can’t slip on my slippers or new shoes at work, but I can help control my mood with simple pleasures like these to maybe make my day more bearable.



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