Today marks the end of a very long week. A week filled with reminders: “Don’t quit your job. It’s only temporary.” “Don’t yell at your boss.” “Don’t get so upset.” I kept telling myself I was meant to do more than this. And today, I got a message that ended up meaning more to me than any of the nonsense I dealt with this week.

The message read: “I came across one of your posts on Thought Catalog, Please, Never Doubt that I Love You. It just spoke to me, the rawness and vulnerability, the realness with which you described love. So I bookmarked it and told myself that someday, I would want to tell that to my soon to be husband on our wedding day. Now here I am, getting married to the love of my life next month! So I’m writing you to ask for permission (although I’m not gonna publish it) if I can use it for my vows, not the exact words but the same thought. It’s a very honest and practical approach to love, and marriage, and I feel that it really describes our love story. Just wanted to be sure that it’s okay.”

I stood in my living room, re-reading the message because I simply couldn’t believe it. Someone was touched so deeply by my writing that they wanted to use it at their wedding, when they promise to spend the rest of their life with someone. I was stunned. I was honored.

For now, it’s those little moments that make everything worthwhile. The moments that remind me that yes, I am meant to do more than be an assistant. The moments that remind me to keep trying. And most importantly, to keep writing.

And of course, thank you to all my readers! Without you, those little moments don’t happen 🙂



4 thoughts on “Stunned

  1. thisishannahlee says:

    So happy to read this! Definitely understand where you’re at right now, I’m in a job that I don’t hate but I don’t really feel matters in the grand scheme of things, and not working towards something meaningful sucks


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