Why write?

This is one of the prompts in my book of 300 writing prompts.

And honestly, lately that question is something that I’ve been asking myself. After applying to job after job and being told “No” so many times, it starts to make me wonder. Am I any good at this? Why do I even try? What’s the point?

For one, I write because despite all the “Nos” and the “We regret to inform you that…” I still have hope. For now, I still write because of that hope that someday, someone will tell me, “Yes” or “We are pleased to inform you that…”

I still write because sometimes, someone you don’t even know will tell you how touched they are by your writing. They will say something like, “I knew it! I thought your name was so familiar. I had to click on your page, and voila, I found out why! I saw that you wrote an article I loved and even saved! Even several months later, this still hits home.” Sometimes, someone you don’t even know will quote your own writing to you.

Sometimes, the writing that helps gives others hope is the writing that came through when you felt like you were going through Hell. And you can’t possibly imagine how a time so terrible to your own life can somehow give others comfort. But then someone thanks you for writing something so “beautiful” and “relateable.”

And while those moments are few and far between, it’s those moments that keep me writing. It’s those moments that give me validation that someday, I will hear, “Yes.” It’s those moments that remind me that I am more than adequate. It’s those moments that make all the doubts, criticism, and fears all worthwhile in the end.

I write to feel, to touch others, and for those moments of hope.


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