Keep Going 

I went running today. On purpose. And there wasn’t a pair of shoes at the other side of the treadmill.

I needed to clear my head. I thought I might experience a runner’s high that I always hear about. I couldn’t tell if I was experiencing that, or if I was about to pass out.

I just needed to work through some things. And let me tell you, it was awful. I got a cramp, my foot started to hurt and I was sweaty. But I kept running. I did it anyways.

Because sometimes in life, you have to just keep running. Life may give you a cramp, or make you experience pain, and you may be working so hard that you sweat, but you do it anyways.

Sometimes working through some stuff is hard work. Sometimes sweat is the only way to get rid of the toxins inside.

Sometimes the best thing for you, is really fucking difficult. And maybe you need to do some other difficult things to even begin to figure out what the best thing is. But you do it anyways.

Sometimes it takes more than a run. Sometimes you need more than a treadmill to hold you up. Sometimes you need more than sweat to release the negativity. So do it. Whatever it is, however awful it may be, do it anyways.

Breathe in. Breathe out. And keep going. Sometimes that’s all life is. Breathing in and out, so that you can keep going.


2 thoughts on “Keep Going 

  1. thisishannahlee says:

    this is definitely important. I gained a lot of weight the last two years from anxiety medication that I’m now off of, but my body is really shutting down. I can’t do anything I used to physcially without intense pain, but I’m pushing through (that and other non-physical stuff), but thanks for this!


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