Dear Sisters

Today I was thinking about my sisters while I was putting on my makeup, and I was thinking about the past year or two and how much we’ve been through together. I was thinking about how I should write something about them and then I remembered that my list of writing prompts from Thought Catalog has just that idea!

11. Write a letter to your siblings. If you don’t have siblings, write a letter the the sister or brother you always wished you had.

Dear Sisters,

The past year or two we have been through a lot. Pregnancies, divorces, hospital stays, relationship problems, family issues, and much more. We have had our share of ups and downs, not just as individuals, but as sisters as well. And look at us now. We may fight with each other but we fight for each other even harder.

No matter what time of day it is, how far away we might be, there is no stopping us from being there for each other. When we’re feeling alone, we know we still have each other. And we always will. We are nowhere near perfect, as individuals, or as sisters. But we accept each other and learn from each other. This past year we have grown as individuals, and as sisters.

You both have taught me so much. 2/3 of my strength comes from you both. I’ve seen you both fight battles that I don’t know if I would have survived, but you have. I know what true friendship is because of the two of you. We are all going on vastly different roads in our lives, but we have one thing in common, the way home. We all remember the way to get home, and back to each other.

Without the two of you, I would be lost. Thanks for being so great, and loving me despite my many, many flaws. I love you both!



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