When Writing Isn’t Enough

What happens when writing isn’t enough?

Writing is my release, and more often than not, writing is my escape. So what happens when writing won’t change anything? Maybe pen and paper isn’t always enough. Sometimes your voice needs to be literally heard. And words have to leave your lips.

Speaking can be a scary thing. There’s no backspace button when you speak. You can’t re-read what you say and change it. Once it is spoken, it just hangs in the air, and the reactions are instantaneous. Emotions are much harder to hide when you’re speaking. When your voice quivers when writing, your readers can’t tell. When you’re speaking, it’s just there, for your audience to hear and interpret.

I have letters I’ll never send, drafts I’ll never complete, and thoughts that I’ll never speak.

What happens when you’ve written your heart out about the same thing. You’ve changed the words but the story is still the same. What happens when your pen gets tired of your paper? What happens when your paper refuses to hold the words that the pen is desperately trying to eke out. What happens when your heart is too exhausted to write, but still desperately needs to do so?


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