Honest Whispers

What is it about 1AM that makes our hearts so honest?

We whisper even though we don’t need to. We assure ourselves that the other is listening more intently. The conversation is instantly more intimate while you’re whispering.

What is it about 2AM that makes our soul so lonely? 

We feel the need to be held, talked to, listened to. We assure ourselves that people all over the world are feeling the same way. The world is a much scarier place when it’s silent. 

What is it about 3AM that makes our thoughts so sad? 

We have fewer distractions and hiding spots. We imagine our worst fears coming to fruition and wonder if we’ve actually already faced them. 

What is it about 4AM that makes you so perfect? 

Your flaws are darkened. You are indestructible and magical. I whisper all my secrets to you. 

All the words I am too scared to say in daylight, all the fears I’m trying to run from, and all the doubts that drown my thoughts, come out when the sun sets. 

Until I wake up and you are there. And the promise of a new day washes away the fears and doubts, until the sun sets again. 


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