Lost Boys and Girls

We are a generation of lost boys and girls. The parents, bosses, and haters around us are Captain Hook, and Peter Pan is our leader.

Everything that we loved as children we bring back and make it even better. Disney movies? We make them live action. Coloring books? We create “adult coloring books.” Pokémon? Have you heard about Pokémon Go?

We refuse to grow old, even when everyone around us is telling us it’s time to grow up.

I started to wonder why this is the case; why we so adamantly refuse.

Because we’ve been through too much. And all we can do is yearn for simpler days. And hope for a better future.

We were told that with hard work (faith), respect (trust), and a little bit of pixie dust, we could make the world a better place.

We were promised the world and then told that it’s our job to save this world. We were told go to college, only to hear that our degree is devalued.

We live for ourselves because our elders told us to, and then we’re told that we’re selfish and narcissistic.

Why are some of us seemingly not concerned with owning a home or saving for retirement? Because as soon as we get close to reaching a goal, Captain Hook moves it out of our reach. We keep trying and getting told no. So we move to Never Land and accept that certain scenarios will never be ours.


What is a lost boy or girl? Yes, we refuse to grow old. But do you not see the word “lost” in that? We have no idea what we’re doing here, what our purpose is in this world, or where we’re supposed to end up. We’re lost in violence and protests and war. We’re lost in our own minds trying to answer questions that are posed to us by those around us. We’re lost in a generation that’s afraid to communicate, to feel, and to love. We’re lost in this scary, grown up world. We’ve grown numb to the pain we see all around us so rather than trying to find our way, we just revert to childhood days. Because that was the last time we felt truly happy.

We are a generation of lost boys and girls. And we refuse to grow old.


Inspiration for this post came, in part, from this song.


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