Quick Updates

It has been quite some time since I have written anything of substance on this blog. My apologies! There has been a lot going on in my life! But also, not a whole lot. Isn’t it funny how that works? Day after day it feels like nothing changes but you look back a year or two later and so much has changed.

  1. Work has been crazy. I’ve been covering for a co-worker these past few weeks and I have needed every second of my work day to stay on top of my tasks. All that means for you readers, is that I haven’t had time to write as much. I have to do my actual job at work?? First world problems.
  2. Alex and I are finally going to move in together! In 35 days! But who’s counting?? I cannot wait to wake up next to him every morning and fall asleep by his side every night.
  3. Opportunities are knocking. And I am trying my best to answer. I don’t want to say too much, at the risk of disappointment, or just old fashioned jinxing, but wish me luck! I’m thinking positively.
  4. I joined some WordPress Blogging U courses! If you guys haven’t taken advantage of these free, online courses, you need to check them out! I am currently working on “Daily Inspiration” and am hoping to post some of the assignments I’ve had soon! I also signed up for two others and now my inbox is a little too full for my liking. I recommend signing up for one class at a time. Unless of course, you have endless amounts of time on your hands, then by all means, take ’em all!
  5. Lastly, some of you already know, but I got published on Thought Catalog again! You can read it here. Please. And comment if you feel so inclined; I always love feedback.

Thanks for your patience, and for reading. I promise I’m still here!


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