Why a Girl Needs her Mama

A couple years ago, I posted “Why a Girl Needs her Daddy” on my previous blog around Father’s Day. But for whatever reason, I never thought to write about why a girl needs her mama.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, here is why a girl needs her mama:

To nourish and protect her for the first nine months…

And for the rest of her life.

To teach her how to properly brush her hair…

And how to survive a bad haircut.

To teach her to stand up for herself and her family…

And be there for her when she feels too weak.

To help her learn her passions…

And tell her to go after her dreams.

To proudly cheer at every concert, recital and play…

No matter how bad it was.

To show her that someone will always love her…

Even in her teenage years.

To let her play hooky from school…

Every once in awhile.

To step on the invisible brake on the passenger side of the car…

And always remind her to be safe.

To go prom dress shopping…

And tell her how to convince Dad to buy the dress.

To cry before she goes to college…

And hug her a little bit tighter that day.

To remind her that boys who break her heart aren’t worth her time…

And that he wasn’t good enough anyways.

To convince her dad to drive all the way to school to see her…

Even if just for a few hours.

To hear her mother’s voice in a crowded auditorium…

At her college graduation.

To go wedding dress shopping…

And tell her how to convince Dad to buy the dress.

To be at the scene of her first baby’s birth…

And show her children what a good Nana looks like.

To show her what a strong woman looks like, how she deserves to be treated, and what it’s like to be a great mom.

A girl needs her mama for every major and minor event, for every meltdown, for every celebration.

Thanks for always being there Mom! I love you.

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