On Chick Flicks

I love a good chick flick. Sleepless in Seattle? Classic; watch it every sleepless night. While You Were Sleeping? Adorable. Bride Wars? What a great bond they have. But there is one commonality I’ve noticed in a lot of chick flicks that I just can’t get over: Cheating.

Let’s look at what seems to be the queen of all chick flicks: The Notebook. Allie is engaged, people. To be married! As if traveling to find her first love and hanging out with him in his house, on his boat, etc. isn’t bad enough, she decides making out with him and then sleeping with him is totally fine. And she tells her fiance like it’s no big deal, and he just accepts it. Isn’t this woman your fiance? Don’t you want to fight for her just a little bit harder? No? Okay, well then let’s just call off the whole thing.

One of the lesser known, but still cute chick flicks: Leap Year. Amy Adams is trying to get to Dublin so that she can propose to her boyfriend. Of course she gets re-routed to a tiny little Irish village and ends up having to travel with a hot, grumpy, Irishman. They first share a kiss, (but that’s okay because they’re acting like they’re married…) and then shares a bed with this guy. How is that okay?? I can tell you this much, if my boyfriend shared a bed with some random, hot girl, he probably wouldn’t be my boyfriend anymore.

Made of Honor with Patrick Dempsey deliberating trying to break up an engagement, also has the female protagonist cheat on her fiance. Yes, he gets punched in the face by the would-be groom, but I have no sympathy for him after his antics. Although let’s not forget that Dempsey gets cheated on in Sweet Home Alabama. Although considering Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) was technically still married to Jake, she was actually cheating the whole movie.

If the cheater in chick flicks is a woman, all is forgiven. It’s in the name of “true love” so the men just accept it. I’m sorry but if you get cheated on and someone says, “No but it’s because he/she is my true love,” I have a sneaking suspicion that that is not going to make it okay with you. However, if the male protagonist in the movie cheats he instantly becomes the villain. How is that okay?

One last double standard I’ve noticed,  girls can be way creepier than guys ever could be. As much as I love Sleepless in Seattle and While You Were Sleeping, they would be seen completely differently if the men did the same things the women do in those movies. Just sayin’.

My love for chick flicks will never die, but they aren’t perfect by a long shot. And I pray that young girls of the world are not still hoping that their lives will be like chick flicks.


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