To the Boy Who Keeps Trying to Come Back

Let me start by saying, you not only had one chance, you had two. And each time it was you who decided to walk away. And now you try to insert yourself into my life and it is about time that I tell you that enough is enough.

I also have a single reason to thank you. Without you, I never would have learned to appreciate a guy who treats me well. And without him, I don’t know where I would be today.

When I was with you, I equated my self worth and your love for me to text messages and “I love yous.”

When I am with him, he shows me my worth and his love with his actions.

Because of you, I panicked after one mistake with him.

Because of him, I am humbled when I make a mistake and he continues to stay.

You told me the future you saw with me was too scary for you.

He tells me the future he sees with me is exactly what he wants.

When I was with you, I had to fight for your attention.

When I am with him, he tells me he will never stop fighting for me. For us.

Every time I see you try to enter my life, I think about the past. I think about what you put me through and the choices you made. And yes, I feel validated when you try to enter my life, because I know that you have finally realized what you missed out on. And every time, I take a moment to think about how I want to respond to your attempt. But with each attempt the moment gets smaller and smaller. And the last time, I laughed. And I looked over at the man sleeping next to me and I smiled. And I knew that I had all the validation I need in his love.

And there is no way I would risk what I have with him for a conversation with you. You chose to walk away. He has chosen to stay.

When I was with you, I thought I knew what love was.

When I am with him, there is no doubt in my mind that I know exactly what love is. And I can look over at him and smile.

So I thank you for the lessons, and I hope you can fight your demons in your own time, but I am too happy and too strong to ever allow you to come back in my life.


P.S. You really do not deserve any of my precious words anymore, but this post is more about the current “him” than you anyways.


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