6 Similarities Between being in your 20s and Being in your Teens

  1. We’re all kind of wandering around wondering what we’re supposed to be doing and whether or not we’re doing it right. I have a job… is it what I’m supposed to do with my life? Am I doing it right? Am I supposed to live with my parents? How do you make dinner?
  2. We see the value of money differently. As a teenager when you unexpectedly got $10 from your parents you thought it was the best day ever and you had to plan out how to spend your new cash. Now if I find a dollar in my pants pocket I get excited!
  3. We don’t know who to trust. Was that guy being nice and sincere or are there ulterior motives there? Should I tell my co-worker about this job interview? Is that person judging me right now?
  4. We’re losing friends. Sometimes we just can’t be there for people the way they need us anymore. We’re quickly learning who is growing up with us and who is growing apart from us.
  5. We have to re-learn our bodies. Wait, eating too much sugar will do what to my skin? How much coffee is too much coffee? I used to be able to function with only a few hours of sleep, why do I feel like crap now?
  6. We’re all a little lost. It may seem like this person has it together, but maybe they cry in the bathroom at work every day. You may hate your job but it’s will make you appreciate better jobs. We may determine that after four years of knowing exactly what we wanted to do, we really don’t want to do that after all. We have to rediscover who we are and who we want to be. We have to find the hope that we had at high school graduation, when we believed that we could do anything, change the world, and leave a legacy.

The only real difference between being in your twenties and being in your teens is that when you’re a teenager and you ask for help, everyone is willing to help you, or lend an ear; they all understand that it’s a “tough age” and you’re going through a big “life transition.” Now when you ask for help you’re told to figure it out, “man up,” or “move on.” Which of course leads back to we’re all a little lost. And maybe, just maybe, we should try to remember to be a little more compassionate to one another.


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