The Poetry of Non-Romantic Heartbreaks

As a society, we tend to focus an awful lot on romantic heartbreak; The one you love doesn’t feel the same, soul mates just can’t find their way into each others’ arms, break ups that we never saw coming. These are often the most relatable and almost always the most poetic.

But what about the other heartbreaks we experience in life? We do it all the time. We break our own hearts, we break others’ hearts and we just accept them as the harsh realities that life forces us to face and we move on. Why is it so much easier to see the poetry in romantic heartbreaks?

Where’s the poetry in giving up on your dreams? Maybe it’s the lack of a specific moment in time. We often can’t pin point when exactly we choose to give up on our dreams.

Where’s the poetry in letting yourself down? We set our expectations so high that when we fall we have no one to blame but ourselves. Maybe it’s the self-loathing that leads to acceptance that makes this kind of heartbreak less poetic.

Where’s the poetry in growing apart from a friend you thought would always be there? Maybe it’s easier because it’s a slow break with a predictable ending.

Where’s the poetry in feeling inadequate or failing to live up to your potential because of your own self doubt? Maybe it’s because we do it to ourselves that we feel the heart break less dramatically.

Where’s the poetry in looking back on your life and wondering where it went and what you really did with it? We break our own hearts all the time, and the world sees no real tragedy in it. If we can’t play the victim then we can’t feel the break as much. Life’s inevitable heartbreaks can be even more damaging than romantic heartbreaks and yet, we just don’t care about those.

Romantic love is the end goal for so many in life. And too often we forget about the love of activities and passions, love of friendships and non-romantic relationships, love of ourselves and our lives. Non-romantic heartbreaks occur far more than romantic and seem to have much less of a focus.


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