Weekend Barnes and Noble Trips

Yesterday, on a beautiful Spring-like day in Denver, I couldn’t stand to spend one of my few precious days off inside when the outside was as welcoming and wonderful as it was. I didn’t have specific plans to go anywhere so I went to the place that can almost always make me happy, Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble provides a place for all bibliophiles like myself to go and be one. It is quiet enough that you can focus on a book without fear of interruption, but not library silent that people might crucify you if you accidentally leave your phone on. And if you’re lucky, Barnes and Noble can provide you with the comfort and warmth of a cafe or coffee shop.

The only problem that I have with Barnes and Noble is the amount of money that I end up spending. I come out with a bag full of books and a cup of coffee that I swore I didn’t need and wouldn’t buy. My phone is filled with pictures of book covers so that I can go home and add to my ever expanding list of books that I want to read. And my bank account always ends up with less money than I had when I came in.

Yesterday, my intention was just to get outside and relax on my day off, not to spend money. But inevitably, I bought two books and pushed my mother to buy three that I felt she would like.

I should note that currently I have five books that I have started and not finished. It wasn’t until I graduated from school that I started this nasty habit of starting a book even though I hadn’t finished another one. The list of books I am currently reading is as follows:

1. On Writing by Stephen King. It was given to me from my CSU internship coordinator on our last day along with her wonderful words of wisdom.

2. Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown. This was given to me on my 23rd birthday from my older sister as part of a “You Don’t Have to Adult” theme. She also included a Barbie, paper dolls, and a 90s themed puzzle. The book is hilarious and the author inspires me.

3. The Devil Returns: Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger. I bought the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada after loving the first book and wishing that I could have had Weisberger’s life.

4. A Slice of Heaven by Sherryl Woods. The second of the Sweet Magnolias series, that I’m just not as into as I was the first book.

5. And finally, On the Rocks by Erin Duffy. I read Duffy’s first book, Bond Girl in two days. She is hilarious and smart and her second book seems just as promising. And, she majored in English, so she has my vote!

The other book I bought at Barnes and Noble is 300 Writing Prompts which I’ll admit, I was hesitant to buy. “I shouldn’t have to use prompts to write. You won’t go through all of these anyways,” was just a portion of the internal monologue going on in my head standing at the checkout counter. But alas, we all need a little inspiration sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Come back on Monday for the first installment of the 300 prompts. Maybe my readers will hold me accountable to all 300.


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