Love at First Sight

The first time I saw you, you took my breath away. My eyes lit up, my heart sang, and I moved to you effortlessly.

I look at you now and I just know. You’re the one.

I can picture our future together. The milestones we will celebrate together. And the hard times we may share.

I know that with you, I can handle it all.

The world is at my fingertips with you in my life.

When others may come and go, you will be there. When I need a pick-me-up, you’re there. When the road beneath me makes me weary, you’re there. And at the end of the day I need a quick break from reality, I know I can count you to be there.

You are worth all the trouble, all the pain. You lift me up. You fill a void.

You, red patent leather peep toe pumps, complete me, and my outfit.

You, over the knee black suede boots, lift me up.

And you, sparkly pewter open toed platforms, are my motivation.

And you are all irreplacable to me.


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