Thoughts before Bed: Success

I’m thinking of adding a new addition to my blog: Thoughts before Bed. It seems as though before I fall asleep, I think about anything and everything. Whether it matters or not, if I’m laying in bed at night, I’m probably thinking about it. “Remember that one time in 7th grade when you said something stupid in front of the whole class? You should have never raised your hand!” “I need to remember to ask my boss if the project I worked on was set up the way he wanted it to.” “What is my cat doing?” So many of the world’s problems weigh heavily on my shoulders before falling asleep. So tonight, I bring to you, the first installment of the feature. Tonight’s topic: Success

What does success look like to you? How does our generation define success?

Maybe success is rising to the top of the corporate ladder before age 40.

Maybe success is leaving a mark on your loved ones or your community.

Maybe success is having a happy marriage.

Maybe success is doing what you love, despite what everyone else tells you.

My definition is of success is creating your own story, including whatever your version of what a happy ending really is. So what do we do to get there? How do we know whether or not our picture of a happy ending is going to be the true test?

Now that I am doing better at work and am picking up more responsibility, it’s tempting to stay there a little bit longer. And then I think about writing. And the fact that the more time I spend at the job that pays the bills, the more time I spend outside of the field I want to end up in, and the less time I spend writing, and working my way into that field.



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