7 Things I Learned this Week

Self Promote: I applied for a remote blogger position at the beginning of this week. The employer asked if I could travel to New York for the interview. I told her because of the short notice that I would not be able to and that I thought the job allowed for remote work. She told me that it was remote but that she preferred a local candidate. Instead of just accepting that, I did something a little risky, I didn’t take “no” for an answer. I explained that I understood her position and I could see where she might be  hesitant to hire someone out of state, but that I would be more passionate and hard-working than any of the other local candidates, and that if she wanted to take a chance on me I would prove that to her. So she reconsidered and scheduled a phone interview with me. I won’t know until next week whether I stood out enough to her to be hired, but if I never would have asked, the answer would have absolutely been no.

Vent, in moderation: We all need to vent sometimes. We all need to let it out. But the next step of that process, is to then let it go. Channel your inner Elsa and be done. And if you always vent about the same thing to the same person, switch it up every now and then. Nobody wants to be the sounding boarding 24-7.

Hot showers do wonders: I’ve learned one of the best ways for me to decompress after a long day, is to take a nice, hot shower. Throw on some P!nk, Adele, Slip Knot, whatever it is that demands for you to sing at the top of your lungs and release all that pent up emotion. The shower has the best acoustics in the house.

Sometimes you’ll just have to deal with it: Put on your big girl panties and deal. Whatever it is, sometimes you can’t fix it. Sometimes it won’t get better right now. Sometimes, you won’t have control over a shitty situation, and in those times the only thing you can do is handle it. Hopefully with grace.

Along the same lines, see the good in the worst aspects of your life. Yes, your job sucks, your rent is too high and you’re tired of having cereal at every meal. But you have a way of making money, you have a roof over your head and food in your belly. Things really, truly, could be a lot worse.

I don’t think we ever grow out of being our own worst enemy: If I could turn off the part of my brain that connects every little dot possible, that would be great. If I could just not think much while I am awake, that might solve some issues as well. For more on this, read this lovely Thought Catalog post. I like number 8.

We are never alone. I have been pretty down the past few weeks, at times I even felt like I was slipping back into my pit of depression that I’ve stayed out of for quite some time. Today, I was doing my daily blog reading and I found post after post that I felt was written for me. (I even cried at one! Shh!) And it helped to act as a reminder that I am not alone. And neither are you.

“[When we are going through a hard time] we forget to be more gentle and compassionate and understanding of the ways in which we deal with our brokenness.”


Wear the boots! I should have already known this one, so techically this one is more of a review than a new topic but if you’re debating whether or not you should wear your boots with this outfit, (it’s casual day, but they’re not that high of a heel, and who said heels weren’t casual anyways?) wear the boots! There are few disappointments worse than looking at yourself in the mirror at work and thinking, “Damn, my boots would have made this outfit!”



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