Nonsense Wishes

Apparently I should have been writing three wishes at a time from the start since that seems to be my trend.

Day 16: I wish it was Friday already! Or Christmas.

Day 17: I wish the world didn’t revolve around money the way that it seems to.

Day 18: I wish I didn’t think so much. It drives me crazy and most of the time it only makes matters worse, whatever matter is it that I’m thinking about. Overthinking can create problems that are don’t even exist and stress and worry you over nothing. I just can’t help it. I wish the people of my past didn’t have so much control over the way I think and the reasons that I think about things so much. I wish I had more confidence. As I sit here writing this there is a battle in my mind. The same battle I fight every time my mind seems to run amok. The positive, happy voice in my head is doing its best overpower the negative voice. Why is it the negative voice is always so much louder?

This next portion likely won’t make much sense to anyone. They are just little phrases or code-words to help me in times like this. There’s just something about writing them down. The words we are too afraid to speak will always speak themselves once they are written down. As soon as we speak, the words become a thing of the past. Writing changes that. Writing preserves words forever. So here are my nonsensical words/phrases that are mainly for me, but maybe some of my readers will get it and feel something too.

Relationships are handfuls of sand.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

Don’t give up.

You’re good enough. You’re worthy. You’re lovable, and more importantly you’re loved.

Also, for an extra read, I reblogged this about a year ago, and I re-read it today. Still love it.


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