Another 3 Wishes

Weekends are getting busier and my blogging is getting worse! Here are my wishes for the past three days when I have neglected my wonderful readers!

Day 12: I wish that I couldn’t relate to this post. I wish I would have taken a part in the conversation. I wish my generation had a better reputation. I tend to agree with everything that is said in that post and it makes me very sad. I can only hope that the next generations will have a more positive outlook on things.

Day 13: I wish I believed in myself just a little bit more. Remember when we were young and people asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up and we could be anything we could imagine? And it changed all the time and that was okay? I want to go back to that. I want to go back to the naive belief that there were no limits. I could have the most average or most outrageous desires and no one, especially I, would doubt me. We grow up and have to face reality and the dreams that we once clung to for dear life suddenly become out of reach, or undesirable, sometimes even impossible. We become jaded, and cycnical and we get stuck in a rut that we’re too afraid to try to get out of. So we just accept the mediocrity that is our life. If only we could keep our same childhood sense of wonderment alive.

Day 14: I wish I could remember the last time I got decent sleep. My brain doesn’t seem to relax even when my body is aching with exhaustion. Maybe when my cuddle buddy comes back I will be able to sleep a little better.


I may seem a little bitter/depressing today… It’s a Monday, I’m running on four hours of sleep and had a two hour dental appointment at 7 this morning. What more can I say for myself?


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