25 Days of Wishes Days 10&11

Day 10: I wish that every woman was able to see her beauty and her worth. I wish every woman had the strength to leave bad situations and hold their head up high. I wish women could feel confidence and didn’t seek validation from external sources. I wish girls grew up in a world where we were nice to each other instead of a world where we’re told, “Girls are mean” and we talk badly about other girls to try and feel better about ourselves. I wish women defined “beauty” the way they want, not how society tells them to. I wish every woman knowledge to change the world, strength to change themselves, and courage to face the world.

Day 11: I wish that every person dealing with depression was able to see their worth. I wish they felt like they had someone to talk to, something to believe in, and something to live for. I wish they could see all the beauty in the world, instead of walking around in a haze of shades of grey. I wish they could remember what it feels like to laugh, and to smile, and most of all, to mean it. I wish that everyone could have someone there to remind them that they are not alone. And I wish we would all take a minute to stop and realize that we have no idea what is going on in someone’s life, and maybe we should make an effort to be a little bit kinder to the people we meet.


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