25 Days of Wishes Day 9

I wish that we didn’t have to label politicians. I think it would be a very interesting study to give people different options for both candidates and for policies without giving any hints as to which party or gender they belong to. I wish more people would educate themselves about the issues and the candidates and all the factors that may play into their votes.

So many people nowadays see that a candidate is Republican or Democrat and automatically make assumptions. They then base those decisions on the assumptions they already made. We have connotations of each party and we often can’t look past them.

After terrorist attacks we always hear politicians and talking heads say we need to unite, and come together. In fact, recently, we have done the exact opposite in those situations. This country is becoming more and more polarized as politicians become more and more extreme in their views. The last time I can remember this country truly uniting is after September 11th. I sure hope it doesn’t take another tragedy of that scale for us to realize how much we actually have in common with each other.


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