25 Days of Wishes Day 8

I wish that there were more stories about the good cops in the world than the bad ones. I wish there were no bad cops, but unfortunately, we have bad people and that’s why we need good cops.

Today a Denver police officer was shot multiple times during a routine traffic stop. Here is a story about him from the Denver Police Department’s Facebook page:

“Earlier this year, a four year-old girl called 911 after her mother passed out, and Denver Police District 2 Officer Tony Lopez did more than respond to the scene. The mother was revived by paramedics, and Officer Lopez learned she was having serious medical issues. Her daughter, who acted bravely in the face of a very scary situation, was noticeably nervous about Officer Lopez’s presence on the scene. Later that same week, in an effort to improve the child’s comfort level with law enforcement, Officer Lopez returned to the home to visit, with a Happy Meal in hand for the little girl. Her attitude and comfort level with Officer Lopez had noticeably improved. While there, Officer Lopez learned that the little girl’s birthday was coming up, but due to the mother’s medical bills, she would not be able to provide presents or throw a party for her daughter. Officer Lopez, again went out of his way, purchased gifts for the little girl and arranged for a local Skate City to donate a skate party for her birthday. Officer Lopez is undoubtably a “Top Cop” and we couldn’t be more proud to have him amongst our ranks.” – Denver Police Department

Or the story about a Denver police officer who helped a homeless man get a job and a place to stay, who is now earning his own way.

Or the story about the two Denver police officers that replaced valuable items to the family whose home was recently burglarized.

Why is it that we don’t hear about these stories?

I wish the officer who is recovering from surgery after being shot has a speedy recovery and that justice will be served. I wish everyone could understand what it feels like to have a family member choose policing as their profession. Hearing sirens means something different. Seeing flashing lights means wondering if everyone is okay. Learning that an officer has been shot hits close to home.

Police officers are not pigs. They are people.

“We’re here to put bad guys in jail. Everything else is bullshit.” – Kirk Miller, Retired Denver Detective


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7 thoughts on “25 Days of Wishes Day 8

  1. Chrellie says:

    Thank you for your post. My uncle was a police officer for over 30 years and I have worked jobs where I regularly interacted with very caring, dedicated police. They do a difficult job, and many of them do their job very well. We do need to acknowledge the good as well as the bad.


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