I fell behind so here are 3 wishes!

Day 5: I wish I felt safe or encouraged to say everything that is on my mind. I try to only say positive or constructive things, but sometimes I wish I had one or two people who I can just complain to.

Day 6: I wish disease didn’t exist. Yes, our immune systems are strengthened when we combat a disease. But I wish that wasn’t necessary. Luckily we have had so much movement in the medical world and the advancements we have made are amazing, but I don’t think it will ever be enough. I wish all of the people of the world who are suffering from a disease right now can find strength and heal quickly and permanently.

Day 7: I wish I was more confident in general. I wish I didn’t take one picture a few months ago that changed my entire opinion on certain parts of me. Now that is all I see when I look at a picture of myself. I wish my generation wasn’t so self-absorbed and understood that validation doesn’t come from social media. I might disconnect just so I can reconnect with myself. And gain back the confidence I had before I took that damn “selfie.”


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