Thankful Post Day 8

Today I am thankful that I finally got to sleep in. Now that I work a normal, 8-5, Monday through Friday job, I cherish my weekends and my sleep more than ever. This was the first weekend in about 2 months that I didn’t have plans that forced me to wake up at a set (early) time. I planned on sleeping in yesterday and then my body decided that sleeping until 9 was good enough. I suppose this is sleeping in for someone who gets up at 6 every day, but not the kind of sleeping in I’m used to. So today, when I woke up and the clock read “10:20” I felt very proud of myself. I had finally allowed myself to sleep in the way I wanted to and it felt great. Then I was able to make some homemade nutella and banana crepes, which I am extremely grateful for as well.


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