Thankful Post Day 4

Today I am thankful for my eduation. Really this post is acting as a reminder to me that higher education is a privilege. Even though my student loans have now entered the repayment period and I can’t even begin to fathom how long it is going to take me to pay them off, and the job I have does not put my degree to good use and as much as I search for new jobs, the market here is just not great.

And even though people constantly demeaned my major, and asked me what I was going to do in the real world, and at times I even questioned why I was doing it, I stuck with it and I am glad that I did.

I have always thought of my college career as a privilege. I tried my best not to take it for granted. I’m sure sometimes I failed, but I am only human. So despite it all, today, and everyday, I am thankful for my education.


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