What it’s like to Fall in Love

Millions of people feel it every day.

Millions yearn for it, sacrifice everything for it.

Millions try to describe it.

And there are a million different descriptions of the same thing.


So today, I am going to try my hand at describing what it means to fall in love. A good friend asked me today through text what falling in love meant to me, and I knew my response would be too lengthy for just a text.

Falling in love is one of the most vulnerable positions you can ever put yourself in. You are showing your whole self to someone and saying, “Here I am. Here are my strengths, my hopes, my heart. Here are my flaws, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies. Please try not to destroy me.” And when you think about it in such a way, you may ask yourself, “Why would anyone ever want to do that?”

Because it is all worth it. Because the feeling that comes with a warm hug, an understanding look, a passionate kiss, and full acceptance of who you are, makes the risks seem worth it.

Being in love means making a choice. Being in love is making a choice every single day to stay with that person. Are there people out there who might be better than him? Yes. Are there people out there who might be better than you? Yes. Love is acknowledging that and deciding that what you have with that person is too special to not dive in. Love is the decision to work through rough patches and make your relationship stronger.

Falling in love is a reminder that you are worth it. It is a reminder that you are not perfect. Love teaches humility. Love makes room for mistakes and forgiveness. Love sees you in a light that you didn’t even know existed. It proves that not only are you lovable, but you are able to love as well, more than you might have thought possible.

Love has the ability to take the qualities that you hate most about yourself and show you that they are redeemable; that your mistakes do not define you, and that someone out there will love you enough to take all the broken pieces and patiently put them back together.

Love is the one thing that has a magnificent ability to tear us down as quickly as it built us up. Love is fragile; it needs to be taken care of like the precious gift it is. Love unites us and divides us all in one fell swoop. It is one of the only forces we feel that evokes emotions we never knew we had in us.

Love is complicated simplicity.

Love is the desire to share your life events, good and bad, with one person. Love is the need to protect someone’s well-being and ultimate happiness. Love is the driving force behind every ugly insecurity and every beautiful action. Jealousy, generosity, selfishness, and selflessness are all rooted in love. Love brings out the absolute best, and the absolute worst in every creature it chooses to inhabit.

Love is a safe haven. A guiding hand. A shoulder to lean on. A light at the end of the tunnel. Clarity in the fog.

And the act of falling in love is one of the bravest things you can do.

The quote that perfectly describes my relationship.

The quote that perfectly describes my relationship.

For more of my thoughts on love, read this! Or this! Thanks 🙂


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