Facebook Posts from 2025

I have about 1,000 things I want to write about lately and about one sentence per topic. I get so inspired and then by the time I sit down to write about it, I just can’t seem to convey what I imagined in my mind. So I decided to cross something off the list of future posts that I have going and write the response to the following prompt (which I believe was included in a list originally posted on Thought Catalog):

Write ten facebook status updates written by yourself in 2025.

Of course in ten years I’ll be 32 going on 33 and we all know I have all sorts of thoughts on where I’ll be at that point. And somehow I doubt that Facebook will still be the “in” social network, but I will never, ever, have a Twitter. So here is what I can imagine writing on social media at that point in my life. (Obviously these revolve around the idealized image of my life in 10 years!)

  1. Just created an amazing tiramisu brownie recipe, can’t wait to post pictures!
  2. Does anyone have any yummy make-ahead lunch recipes for kids? Preferably something that does not need to be re-heated.
  3. The cure to writers’ block? A house to yourself and a mug full of coffee. Or wine.
  4. Needs a Girls Night Out. Help me ladies!
  5. My parents have been married for over 40 years now. That’s what I call success.
  6. Thanks to everyone who came to our football party today! Another W for the Broncos!
  7. Can’t wait for our vacation! Two more days! 🙂
  8. Field trip, football practice, gymnastics, and a play date. There will be a day when I miss this… Right?!
  9. Ninja just stole the dog’s bed and all the dog did was whine at me about it. Apparently, I have two more children than I planned on!
  10. After all these years, I am still so in love with him ❤

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