Eff I’m in My Twenties: Wrap Up

I admit, I didn’t do all the prompts in the F*ck I’m in My Twenties Guided Journal. And some of them I did, but didn’t post to the blog. I did do the ones that I thought would be most helpful to me. So what did I learn from that three week series?

I don’t have it figured out.

And that’s okay.

We are at a point in our lives, where we don’t have to figure everything out — at least not right away. And guess what? We’re all in this together. And we need to act like it. Instead of being jealous of someone else’s success or happiness, just be happy for them. Use your jealousy as motivation to get to that point yourself. Be kind to each other. We’re hard enough on ourselves as it is, we don’t need to be jerks to each other too. Remember your flaws before you point out others’.

A lot of twenty somethings feel lost and confused, and that makes total sense. We’re scared. We’re in unfamiliar territory with no map and plenty of people telling us to go all different directions. Maybe we need to embrace that uncomfortable feeling. Remember to not let yourself get wrapped up in everything that could go wrong and all the adult problems we’re facing. We have so much ahead of us still and everything will work out the way it is supposed to. Life has a funny way of surprising us.

I’m still trying to accept that not having a plan is okay. In the words of Phoebe, “I don’t even have a pla-.”

Thank goodness for Friends.

Thank goodness for Friends.

Also! The book stemmed from a Tumblr account. I was unaware of that until recently. So credit is due to the creator of this Tumblr. Thanks for the book and the writing prompts! Keep up the good work fellow twenty something!


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