Thoughts on Football

Most people who know me know that I am not a huge fan of football. I’ll watch the Broncos passively as I do a crossword or play a game, or some other activity that interests me more. I could not care less about the other games that are on. But there is just something about football season that is comforting to me.

When I was little, I would slowly wake up on a Sunday morning and the first thing I heard was football. My dad was always up before me and football was sure to be on all day long come the fall. I would drag my feet into the living room in my flannel pajamas and mussed up hair. I would sit on the couch and say, “Ugh Daddy, do we have to watch football?” And I would get responses similar to “It’s football season baby” or “The broncos are playing!” And I would say, “Okay but do we really need to watch the pregame stuff too?” And of course, we did. That was part of the football spirit.

Now that I’m older and have more of a choice as to what I do or watch on a Sunday, it surprises me how much I will still choose to watch football. Don’t get me wrong, often times Sundays are my shopping days and I’ll head to all the craft stores and start my Autumn DIY projects. But when I get back, I generally get interested in the game. I’m sure part of it is because I understand the game more than I did as a little girl. However, I think most of it is the memories I have with my daddy. Sitting on the couch, listening to “Alright Defense!” or “Fumble it!” or “Interception.” I would kindly remind my dad that “They can’t hear you ya know?” And although I never quite knew what the big deal was, but I remember being a part of it, and it seemed to be pretty special.

So despite the fact that I think the players are obscenely overpaid and people get much too crazy over a simple game, I still find comfort in football season. And I know that in the future, my daughter will grunt and groan and ask why we have to watch football all day long, but I hope that someday she looks back on those times fondly and remembers that it was more than just watching football — It was spending time with her daddy.



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