Eff I’m in My Twenties Day 27: I Thought I’d Have Figured it out…

Second post of the day to make up for lack of posting yesterday. (I was actually away from my desk for most of the workday yesterday. Can you imagine?!)

F*ck I’m in My Twenties Guided Journal prompted me to write down things I thought I would have figured out by now.

There are plenty of things that fall under this category, but here are just a few:

  1. My life. Specifically I planned to be in law school at this point. And here I am working as a legal assistant. The job (and many other factors) that convinced me to abandon the idea of law school, at least for now. But wait! I had back up plans! For example, I was going to get a job as a writer. Little did I know that I cannot make a living off many writers’ salaries. Not even close in fact. And the well-paying writing jobs, like technical writing, I have zero experience with. In fact, CSU didn’t even offer a class in technical writing.
  2. Health Insurance: I’m sorry my deductible is how high? And until I meet that, you won’t cover anything?! Ugh.
  3. Retirement plans: In my defense, I’m not even eligible for my company’s retirement plan until I’ve been here a year. And I know I don’t have to go through the company and all that, but this way lets me procrastinate. I know, I’ll probably regret it in the future but shh!

That about sums it up. The first point is one that encapsulates most of the things that I thought I would have figured out by now but I absolutely do not.


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