Eff I’m in My Twenties: Day 22 – Youthful Apologies

Today’s prompt in the F*ck I’m in My Twenties Guided Journal is as follows: An Apology for actions from my youth.

I made quite a few mistakes in my youth so I have to apologize for the biggest ones.

Dear skin,
I’m sorry I picked those pimples and left you scarred and dry. I’m sorry I didn’t start moisturizing on a regular basis and at a young age. I’m sorry I bruised you so many times for just being clumsy (and still do).

Dear eyes,
I’m sorry I made you work so hard to produce tears over stupid things and people. I’m sorry I sometimes strained you by staring at the computer for too long in the dark or trying to write with glow in the dark gel pens.

Dear math teachers,
I’m sorry I sometimes disrespected you, but you sometimes disrespected me.

Dear old friends,
I’m sorry for sometimes asking too much of you. And for whatever it is I did that made us lose touch.

Dear anyone I ever fought with,
I’m sorry. I was a very mean, dirty fighter back then. It’s a demon I’m still battling. I would aim to hurt you so that you couldn’t get to me. I decided to appear tough so that people didn’t want to try and mess with me anymore, but in the process I probably lost some pretty great friendships.

Dear family,
I’m sorry for my teenage years. I’m sorry that I thought I was too cool for you. I’m sorry for all the times I disrespected you. I’m sorry for the important memories I missed out on because my friends were more important. I’m sorry for not thanking you enough and for asking too much. I’m sorry for not saying sorry when it would have really helped.

Dear self,
I’m sorry for ever thinking that you should end your life. I’m sorry for doubting your worth and your talents and your strengths. I’m sorry for allowing negativity and hatred and anger to suppress your brilliance, your happiness and your value. I’m sorry for beating you up over insignificant things (and sometimes still do) and for not appreciating all the good you have to offer.

I’m sorry.


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