Eff I’m in My Twenties: Day 20 – Grateful

Eff I’m in My Twenties Guided Journal Day 20 feels a lot like Thanksgiving!

Here is the page that dictated today’s entry:


I almost never skip a chance to elaborate on what I am grateful for because if we do we end up taking those things for granted, and quite often, that means losing them. So here is the list of things I’m grateful for:

  1. My life: From someone who has battled depression and wished my life was over. I am grateful every single day that I can wake up and feel my heart beating in my chest. I am on this planet for a reason. I just don’t know what that reason is yet. But watch me figure it out!
  2. A roof over my head: At the moment, I am living rent-free with my parents. Now this is going to change very soon, but I am thankful that I have the opportunity to save money during this time of my life. In general, I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, a blanket at night and all the other modern luxuries that we tend to take for granted everyday.
  3. My family: We may put the fun in dysfunctional and may argue and create drama, but I’m learning that most families do. My family is the best support system I could ever ask for. They have my back, they love me, and they always want what’s best for me. We are a tight-knit family that allows for mistakes, growth, and forgiveness. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I cannot thank them enough.
  4. My boyfriend: Our relationship has had passionate ups, and passionate downs. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. He is the person I turn to when I’m feeling down, happy and everywhere in between. He allows me to be weird with him, cry with him and celebrate with him. The sound of his voice, the smell of his skin, the feeling of his arms around me, all have the ability to bring me home and surround me with a protective barrier even on the worst days. I am one very lucky girl.
  5. My friends: My friends are always there for me willing to lend an ear, a shoulder or a helping hand. Some are recent additions in my life and some have been around for years. No matter how long I have known them I have known the best of them. They put up with a lot of me sometimes and that is true loyalty.
  6. My education: Education is a privilege. I am honored that I was given the opportunity to further my education and help better myself. I have something to be proud of and I am entirely grateful for that and for those who helped me along the way.
  7. My job: Although I bitch and moan about it, it is paying the bills. It’s helping me not only make money but save money as well, another privilege that not everyone can enjoy. I have benefits and am honing some new skills that I’m sure at some point will help me in life. Many do not have a job and are trying to get one. While it may not be where I envisioned myself at this point in my life, maybe it’s the place I need to be.
  8. Health: For the most part, my family and I are pretty healthy. I would very much like to keep it this way.
  9. My readers: Don’t think I forgot about you. The small following that I have has kept me going. You all remind me that I have something to say that is worthy of reading. My voice matters. What I have to say is important. Without all of you I wouldn’t have this blog. I would have a diary somewhere filled with metaphors and analogies and things that no one would read but me. You all keep me strong, and most importantly, you keep me writing. And that is something I am eternally grateful for.

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