Eff I’m in My Twenties Day 17: The Ten Year Plan

Today’s prompt in the F*ck I’m in My Twenties Guided Journal is to write down my ten year plan, year by year. It made me think of a quote I saw on Imgfave. It said, “Seeing your goals written down in your own handwriting has a powerful effect on your mind.” I thought about that a little bit more and completely agree. It’s almost as if it is a contract for yourself. So this time, I wrote them on the page in the journal first, instead of typing them. Here is what I wrote. (Note: These plans are all subject to change and are in no way binding!)

In one year I want to… own a house, live with Alex, have a new job that I actually enjoy, and hopefully be engaged.

In two years I want to… get published somewhere, travel and help my parents travel also, plan a wedding.

In three years I want to… get married, have some sort of influence at my job, and be able to upgrade or decorate my house however I want.

In four years I want to… possibly have a baby. That part depends on how long I’ve been married, personal finances, career, etc. I want to be able to stay at home with my children so that is definitely a decision that will take a lot of time and planning before making.

In five years I want to… make money blogging or baking, (or in a perfect world, both). If I’m staying home with my baby, I want to feel like I am contributing something to the household financially. Maybe at this point I will only have a part time job, or I’ll work from home. Something along those lines.

In six years I want to… have baby number two. Possibly. Again, this is all dependent on quite a few different variables. I want to have children that are fairly close in age though, 2-4 years if possible. I hope that my marriage is still going strong and that I am able to remain close to all my family members.

In seven years I want to… Probably move to a bigger house. I’m sure at this point my still-growing family is about to out-grow the starter home I saved so much money for. At 29, I’m probably talking to my husband about having baby number 3 sometime in the near future. Otherwise, I just want to be doing my best to do right by my family.

In eight years I want to… See the parts of the world that I have always wanted to be haven’t yet. Including, but not limited to: Paris, Italy, Germany, Australia, Hawaii, and the rest of the US. My generation seems to have this obsession with traveling in their twenties and I just can’t do that. I cannot afford to travel in my twenties, plus I don’t know how much I would really appreciate it. If I wait until I’m 30, I’ll have more money to do it right, and spend on things I actually want to spend on, and I’ll be able to truly appreciate my home, my life and the sights that I would see. All without having to worry about whether or not I’ll be able to make my rent or student loan payments next month.

In nine years I want to… have another baby. If I don’t have a girl at this point, I’m done. If I have two boys and a girl or vice versa, we might try for one more. What can I say, I want my daughter to have a sister and I want a big(ish) family. At this point, I think I could have a book published. What that book is about is beyond me. It could easily be the book that I started a few months ago, it could also be a compilation of blog posts and recipes. Who knows?

In ten years I want to.. Have a happy, healthy family and marriage.



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