Eff I’m in My Twenties Day 13: Ideal Daily Routine

If you missed yesterday’s post, you should just pop on over and give it a quick read. It isn’t necessary, but it would help to show the vast contrast of what I currently do vs. what I would love to do.

Here is what today and yesterday’s assignments were in the F*ck I’m in My Twenties Guided Journal: 

My Daily Routine vs. My Ideal Daily Routine

My Daily Routine vs. My Ideal Daily Routine

My daily routine as it is, is very boring. That’s all there is to it. However, if we could just forget about reality here is what my ideal day would be:

9:00 Wake up next to my amazing boyfriend, fully rested and feeling great.

9:00-10:00 Do all the daily rituals of getting dressed, doing hair and makeup, etc. The main difference here would be instead of eating cereal or a muffin everyday I would have enough time to make a solid breakfast. Something like homemade Brioche French Toast stuffed with Nutella and strawberries with bananas on top, or homemade hash browns with buttermilk pancakes and sides of bacon and sausage. Meals like this I often eat on the weekends, but never have time to make before work.

10-12 Go to a laid back job, one where I work mostly from home and make my own hours; one where as long as the work gets done, they don’t care how often I work. And one of course, where I am writing and every now and then leading or teaching something.

12-12:30 Unplug. Go to Starbucks and just relax, take in the sights and the world around me, take a minute (or thirty) and decompress.

12:30-2 Take a class. Learn something.

2-3 Go shopping, even just window shopping, it’s therapeutic.

3:00 Go home and bake something. While whatever delightful confection is in the oven, I will write, after all I do have a job that needs me to work from home right?

5:00 Alex comes home, always in a good mood of course and we talk about our days and relax with each other.

5:15-5:45 Work out

5:45 – 6 Start making dinner

6:00 Jeopardy!

6:30 Eat dinner together.

7:00 Clean up (whoever cooks, doesn’t clean) and continue writing if I have to.

The rest includes relaxing and hanging out enjoying time with each other. Maybe I’d call my family and friends more often, who knows?

The kicker of this assignment, I think is the last sentence on the journal’s page:

IMG_460998026Well, that same question is what I’ve been asking myself for the past year or so. Is it possible to get that kind of day? Now don’t misunderstand me, I am not opposed to working hard to get to that point. Please do not generalize me as one of those millennials who want everything handed to them and who are not willing to put in much effort to get there. Note that even in my ideal day, work was still involved. I just want to work on my own schedule. Maybe that makes me self-centered or entitled, or maybe it makes me even more productive.

Of course, my ideal daily routine is bound to change over the years as well. At some point I want to have children and I’m sure that my ideal daily routine involves spending time with them. How much of my time? I’m not sure. But I know that I am much less likely to want to devote my time to a job (especially if I don’t love it) rather than to my family.

I’m working on getting myself out of the rut of the daily routine I currently have. But for now, I’ll just accept it for what it is.


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