F*ck I’m in My Twenties Day 10: People I Used to Look Up To

Today’s journal entry is, “People I Used to Look Up To.” While the literal part of me wants to say, “Well I used to look up to just about everyone — I’ve never been very tall.” But of course, I do not believe that is what the author meant by this sentence.

There are not a lot of people who I once looked up to whom I don’t anymore. If I look(ed) up to them, there’s a good reason for it. I don’t allow just anyone to be a role model. So here are people whom I look up to and one or two reasons why.

  1. My father: As a police officer, he put his life on the line every single day for the protection of others. He is considered a hero by many, but primarily from me. Plus, he’s just an amazing dad.
  2. My mother: Her strength is amazing and she’s put up with a lot of shit from my sisters and me.
  3. P!nk: I mean, come on. I have her lyrics tattooed on my back. She has been through things in her life that I can’t imagine and yet she channels that into strength and gives her heart to her songs which translates to her fans into beautiful melodies. More simply, she’s just a badass.
  4. Mr. Poole: The teacher who gave me the law school bug. And pointed out how passionate I am about learning.
  5. My big sisters: Because how can you not look up to your big sisters? They don’t do everything right, but they make it through and they do it with grace. (For the most part!)
  6. Audrey Hepburn: Not because she was beautiful or an actress, but because of the powerhouse woman that she was. She was a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF at a time when women didn’t have a lot of influence or power in the public sphere. That’s pretty incredible.
  7. Men and women everywhere who are silently struggling. Whether they are struggling with mental illness, physical illness, or some other stress of life, for those who keep smiling and can remain positive, you are all my role models.

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