Eff I’m in My Twenties Day 7: Letter to Younger Self

Today’s entry in the F*ck I’m in My Twenties Guided Journal said: “Write a letter to a younger version of yourself – at a time when you needed a lot of love.” I wrote something very similar on my previous blog, but it has been a few years so I thought I would revisit the idea. I couldn’t pinpoint a specific time period when I needed the most love because there were so many, so I just did a general letter to my younger self now that I am so much wiser. (HA!) Here goes:

Dear self,

First off, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re young and you don’t know it all; nor do you have to. You also don’t have to have it together all the time. You’re allowed to cry! It doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong enough to show that vulnerability.

Next, learn to fight fairly. I know that you feel like you have to protect yourself, and the only way you know how to do that right now is to hurt them before they hurt you. And it’s something that you feel is a necessity right now. And while you shouldn’t let people walk all over you, you have got to find a different tactic to use. Trust me, there will come a time when you wish you never learned that “skill.” The day will come when you care too much about the other person and your relationship with them to act like that. But at that point it will be so ingrained into your personality that you will inevitably end up hurting them, and often it will be unintentional.

Stop being such a brat to your parents. Do you know how much they do for you?! They are growing older, and one day you’re going to wonder why you never worried before. They love you more than you know and they deserve your respect. You’ll learn to truly appreciate them someday, but for now just chill with the eye rolling and the attitude.

No one will ever it admit it at your age, but not everyone is having sex. You don’t have to. It doesn’t make you “prude” or “lame” if you wait for the right person. That being said, your judgment of who the “right person” is, really sucks right now. He probably doesn’t love you. He’s probably seeing other girls too. If he makes you wonder whether or not he likes you, he doesn’t. You don’t want to meet “the one” years down the road and be embarrassed of your past. Again, that being said, if a guy ever judges you on your past, he is not worth your time.

Build other girls up rather than tearing them down. It makes you a better, stronger person. Guys are hard enough on girls, we don’t need to be hard on each other. We’re all in this together and if we could just stop hating each other for one second, we would rule the world.

Take a break from those damn electronics. 

Always, always, always, remember that you are beautiful. You are loved. You are strong, brave, and important. You are worthy of a wonderful life and a wonderful love. You are not second best. You’re one of a kind and that’s something to be proud of. SO forget all the negativity around you and learn to love you before you try to love someone else.

You are worth it. 


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