Eff I’m in My Twenties: Day 4 – Meaningful Places

The next three days of tasks in the the F#ck I’m in My Twenties journal are drawing activities. So naturally, I’m going to draw you a picture with words. It will be more challenging for me and hopefully more interesting for you to read.

This page is a Drawing of Meaningful Place from your Past: Childhood bedroom edition!

My childhood bedroom had two phases: Pre-Redecorate and Post-Redecorate

Phase One: Textured walls painted white provide a nice background for the blue carpeting. A lofted, wooden bed sits under the window with green crates full of toys underneath. A plastic play kitchen adorns the other side of the wall. And flowery curtains cover the window.

Phase Two: Lavender walls provide the backdrop for natural hard wood floors. A pale green four-post canopy bed is the center, focal point of the room. The matching comforter and canopy are a floral print that complements the rest of the room well. The shelves and dresser are painted a bright magenta and a white desk is accompanied by a round purple lamp with swirls on the shade. The windows are covered by a sheer white curtain and a magenta valence topping it off. Soon the walls would be littered with posters and inspirational quotes – The typical signs of a teenage resident.

I don’t have any pictures of either one of those phases so this could have been a lot of made-up crap I just gave you. But, I wouldn’t deceive my readers that way!

Stay tuned! Tomorrow is Drawing of Meaningful Place from your Past: Classroom Edition!


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