Day 2: Eff I’m in My Twenties

*Disclaimer* I am not an artist. I do not pretend to be. I will never be. Please keep that in mind as you peruse this post.

Day two is to draw your past self, for better or worse. I decided to include my present self as well and I will include some description on the drawings as well.

Here they are:

I said I'm not an artist!!

I said I’m not an artist!!

Marina Age 2 was based off a real picture of me, I would include it to prove it but I can’t find it. Anyways, pigtails, crooked bangs and freckles were my life! Traits and hobbies: Bossy, jealous, and sweet; coloring, playing House (in past tense) and being terrified of fires.

Marina Age 14 is a pimple faced, too made up, crying teenage girl with a terrible center part. Typical teenager right? Traits and hobbies: Mean, sad, unfair fighter, bossy, loyal; writing poems (not good ones), fashion, shopping.

Marina Age 22 has mastered a side part and acne control! One side of my body is pudgier than other, making the popular “hourglass figure” unattainable. Traits and hobbies: Bossy (and proud to be), loyal, goal-oriented; baking, writing (somedays better than others), shopping.

And just for funsies, here’s a real life picture of Marina Age 2. Based on my facial expression, I think they must have been trying to explain math to me! All evidence of awkward teenage years has been destroyed.



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