The Journey’s Just Begun

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a completely new journey for me. I am ridiculously excited, and of course, a little nervous. This could absolutely change the way my life turns out and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

In other news, I am feeling especially inspired tonight thanks to catching up with a good friend last night. This girl is doing amazingly well and is going to do fabulous things with her life. She just got accepted to John Hopkins for her Masters in Biotechnology or something that sounds extremely boring and fancy to me. Plus, she got a fellowship with the National Cancer Institute. I mean, talk about a power woman!

We were talking about our lives and the paths we are taking for our futures last night and I mentioned that I want to write a book. She responded with, “You should, you’d be good at it.” And for some reason, that answer surprised me. Of course, she is one of my closest friends and could just be telling me what I want to hear; but, she has also been one of my most honest friends over the years. (The first memory I have of her is her telling me, “I can tell that you’re wearing mascara.”) So I would prefer to think that she told me I would be good at it because she believes it.

So while I am trying not to freak myself out about starting my first real job (I mean I have benefits and everything!) I have decided that tonight is the night that I will start writing this book that has been in my head for awhile. And who knows how the process will go. Maybe I will start it and realize that nobody will care and stop. Maybe I will write it and just hate it myself. Maybe it becomes a best seller. More than likely, I will get caught up with work and it will be half finished for years, before I eventually scrap the whole thing or I finish it with less enthusiasm, self publish the thing and sell maybe ten copies to family and friends. Who knows? The point is, I’m going to try.

Stay tuned readers…



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