Dresser Makeover

Hi readers!

Thank you for all your patience while I get my act together after graduation.

Good news! I have found a job! Bad news! It is not related to my degree. But with a mountain of student loan debt that I have to climb in the next six months, a management job in retail pays pretty well and looks good enough to me! I am hoping to move into my own place in about 6 months. Until then, and until I start work next week, I have had quite a bit of free time on my hands. That means that I am able to read for pleasure, hang pictures, bake more and of course DIY projects.

While I was not intending for this blog to be a DIY blog, the first post is going to be. For my first major DIY project I decided to redo my childhood dresser (formerly pale green and bright pink) and make it grow up a little bit (red, black and white).

I knew I wanted to do two drawers solid colors and two with patterns. The original plan was to have the top drawer solid black, then red and black chevron, then solid red, with the last drawer black with white polka dots. However, after I took the top drawer out of the dresser, I did not keep track of which slots the other three drawers fit into, so my pattern got a little out of whack.

I also feel the need to write a little disclaimer. This dresser is in no way perfect. It is not the best DIY blog post out there by any means. That said, for my first big project, I am very proud of it. And more importantly, I love how it turned out. So that’s all that matters.


Painter’s tape was my best friend throughout this process. Especially since I was working with very different colors. Of course I did the main dresser and the trim first.

IMG_1842IMG_1844DIY projects with an adorably cute but annoyingly curious cat makes for an extra challenge.

Once I gave the drawers two coats of Olympic Paint and Primer, and let them dry, I was able to measure and tape the sections off for the chevron. With my Dad as my handy assistant we used painters tape, an L-strip type tool, and a pencil.

IMG_1852IMG_1851IMG_1853Luckily, the size of the stripes that I wanted was also the size of the tape!

For the polka dots, I simply dipped the bottom of a Solo cup into the paint and used it as a guide. I was able to find the perfect size brush and start in the middle of the dots and then spread the paint in a circle to make sure they were fully painted.

I was more worried about the chevron drawer looking the way I had pictured it in my mind than I was the polka dot drawer but much to my surprise, the chevron actually turned out better than the polka dots.

Three colors, four brushes, lots of tape and three days later, the dresser was complete!

IMG_1854 Not too shabby for my first time. Not perfect, but very “me.”

I hope you enjoyed my first post! I will write more about my adventures and confessions of a twenty something soon.

– M


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